A music video shot at our premises

A music video shot at our premises

We had a great opportunity to support a Czech music band Jananas, by providing a space of our offices and the Bredovský dvůr complex for a shoot of their latest music video.


The filming of the music video called PoÚtStČtPáSoNe (Monday-to-Sunday) was conducted in VGD Corporate Finance premises in a single day. All of a sudden, offices were filled with the crew, companion, animals and the band.


Thanks to the preffesionalism of the crew, our offices remained untouched. But it is fair to mention, that two owls sitting on our chairs in the meeting room have probably felt a little insecure, marking the floor below them with their “owly luck”. Since then, these chairs are reserved for the most privileged.

The filming finished around 2 am in the morning. And the result? See the music video below, enjoy and share!