Eligo a.s. acquired 100% stake in the company EUROSERUM s.r.o.

VGD Corporate Finance acted as the exclusive financial advisor to Eligo a.s. during the acquisition of a 100% stake in the company EUROSERUM s.r.o. The acquisition should help Eligo a.s. to strengthen its market position and expand to new territories.

Eligo a.s. is a modern food producing company specialized in manufacturing of dried milk products. The company has two production facilities in Brno and Kolín with annual capacity of 20,000 tons and generates revenues of EUR 19m.

EUROSERUM s.r.o. is a company based in Stříbro, where it has been operating a whey processing and drying facility. The site is equipped with a 18,000 tons-capacity drying tower manufacturing (i) high quality sweet whey for human consumption, (ii) standard sweet whey for human consumption and (iii) other whey products including premium powders and animal feed. The company targets a customer base mostly active in dairy, beverages and food products manufacturing. EUROSERUM s.r.o. was owned by EUROSERUM S.A.S. in years between 2001 and 2020.

EUROSERUM S.A.S., a French based company, is a world leader in demineralized whey powder with an annual production of 300,000 tons of dairy ingredients. EUROSERUM S.A.S. operates 11 factories in France where employs over 700 co-workers. It is also a member of SODIAAL, the 5th biggest dairy co-operative group in the world.

The transaction was successfully completed in July 2020.