Our services and solutions

Do you want to sell or buy a business? Are you looking for a reliable partner, who will help you with the acquisition right from the beginning to the end? With us you get smooth guidance through the entire process of acquiring or selling a business. Take the advantage of our long-term transactional experience, contacts and our expertise. We are here to arrange your sale or acquisition, and to look after the transaction from the beginning to the end.

Divestment and acquisition of companies

For most of our clients, a sale or acquisition of a business is an exceptional and essential event.

The way we approach such a significant transaction brings you certainty of a smooth process and it will significantly affect the parameters important for you, such as the final transaction value and time. We are happy to be your partner for these transactions, in which we will use our long transactional experience, contacts and expertise. We will arrange your sale of company or acquisition from the beginning to the end.


  • Sale of the business or it’s part
  • Bringing a strategic or financial investor
  • Management Buyout (MBO)
  • Joint Venture


  • Company Acquisition
  • Finding acquisition opportunities in the Czech Republic, CEE or globally
  • Discrete exploring of the possibility for an acquisition
Structured finance for your projects

Negotiating and obtaining favorable financing is really a full time job. As your partner, will take care of everything you need, to save you the time you can devote to your business.

We use to create a competitive environment among providers of funding, that will get you the best terms. Thanks to our experience, we will focus on the essential characteristics of financing and keep an eye on critical details on the way to a successful transaction.



  • Project financing
  • Real Estate financing
  • Acquisition financing
  • Complex refinancing and recapitalization
Consulting and project support

Company development in today’s rapidly changing competitive environment is very often dependent on the appropriate choice of projects, which need to be properly timed, managed, directed, implemented and evaluated.

We know that each such a project is expensive and time consuming. Co-operating with us would save you time, personnel, operational and administrative costs and get you the necessary expertise, insight and guidance.



  • Project management
  • Creation of a business plan
  • Preparation of Feasibility study
  • Valuations of cmopanies and assests
  • Credit rating counseling

How to reach an agreement, when both parties have different interests?

In each transaction, it is important to take into account the specific interests of the client. At the beginning of the process, it is necessary to carefully pre-set goals of the transaction, its timing, degree of confidentiality, sequence of steps towards client’s partners (customers, management, employees, banks, etc.). The transaction has to be set up correctly, because it is usually unrepeatable, errors could be difficult to repair, and the values at stake are significant.

A proper implementation must be built on the good initial analysis and adjustment. All “parties to the transaction” have interests that need to be reconciled into a form that will bring our clients the best possible result.

Our solution is based on the philosophy of gradual deployment of resources (both ours and the client‘s), depending on the degree of development of the transaction. As a result, the client can decide early on, whether and how to proceed to the next stage of the transaction. This ensures a meaningful use of resources and cost optimization to the client.

The single integrated portal to manage complex transactions

During the transaction we operate as the “right hand” of the client. We co-ordinate the transaction, cover all other consultants, we manage the flow of information, negotiate sub-parameters of the deal – all on the basis of an agreement with the client and within the scope of our mandate. The aim is that our clients can concentrate on their business and within the transaction they are focused only on important decisions.

Benefits for our clients

  • Use of transactional experience
  • Structured transactions with clear milestones and outputs
  • VGD‘s extensive network of clients and potential investors
  • Knowledge of the finance community
  • Saving human resources and time
  • One communication channel
  • Co-ordination of other consultants
  • “Bumper” for negotiations
  • Assistance in securing staple financing as a support of the sale process

About Us

We are one of the largest Corporate Finance teams in the Czech Republic.  With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, a professional team of consultants with demonstrated success, reaching far beyond the boundaries of Europe. We are here for you and your business.

Our Vision

Corporate Finance advisor providing unified platform for access to investment and commercial banking, for businesses and their owners. We provide integrated solutions for transactions in corporate finance and project finance.


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